Chef Tom Samranjit

Aug 1, '12

Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

Name: Tom Samranjit Age: 37 Nationality: Thai Country of Residence: Hong Kong
1. Your Restaurant/Business:
Sand Cotai Central Conrad Macau and Holiday Inn
2. About Your Kitchen:
Contemporary & Real Taste
3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item:
All Egyptian Cotton Material
4. First Job:
5. Your Cookbook:
Help Hong Kong China Power Light to do Cook Book in 2001
6. Your Awards:
Michelin rated restaurants: La Brasserie - authentic French cuisine and Cucina - combination of Chinese and Italian influences
7. Your Cooking Inspiration:
People around me - family and friends
8. Your Speciality Dish:
Chilled Tom Yum jelly, grilled truffle with Yuzu passion fruit and caramelized garlic with frog legs
9. Favorite Dish To Eat:
My dads Steak Kao So
10. Weirdest Thing You Ever Ate:
Dog meat
11. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
My home-made Vanilla, Osmanthus flower and Wolfberry ice cream
12. Favorite Drink:
Guinness Draft
13. Favorite Wine:
Carinalli Vineyards - Chardonnay 2004
14. Who Would You Most Like To Cook For:
The King of Thailand
15. Who Would You Least Like To Cook For:
All the Prime Ministers from all over the world
16. Favorite Things To Do When Not Cooking:
Spend most of the time with my son and my love
17. Your Latest Project:
Open the biggest casino hotel in Asia (Sand Cotai Central)
18. Favorite City and Why:
Hong Kong has its own character; A small island that has collected influences from different parts of the world.
19. Your Greatest Indulgence:
My Dad
20. Your All Time Best Culinary Tip:
Need to taste test the food before sending it out to the guests.